Bob jones university dating policy

Michael BLUMENTHAL, Secretary of the Treasury and Jerome Kurtz, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Appellants.

Bob Jones University believes that the Scriptures forbid interracial marriage and dating. From 1971 to May, 1975, taxpayer accepted no applications from unmarried black students, with the exception, since 1973, of staff members who had been at the University four years or longer.

It moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1940 and has been incorporated there as an eleemosynary institution since 1952. After May 29, 1975, unmarried blacks were permitted to enroll, but a disciplinary rule was added to prevent racial intermarriage and dating. § 501(c)(3) to all private schools, regardless of racial policy.

Bob Jones University was founded in Florida in 1927. Ed.2d 415 (1976), prohibiting racial exclusion from private schools, taxpayer revised its policy.

The government counterclaimed for FUTA taxes for the taxable years 1971 through 1975 in the amount of 9,675.59, plus interest. It enrolls about five thousand students and offers some fifty accredited degrees, in addition to its nondegree Institute of Christian Service.

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In states without same-sex marriage rights, many colleges have offered or tried to offer domestic partner benefits (which some state governments by legislation or political influence have blocked at public institutions).Friday's Supreme Court decision that states must authorize and recognize gay and lesbian marriages could create major legal challenges for religious colleges -- primarily evangelical Christian colleges that bar same-sex relationships among students and faculty members. But the question of whether same-sex marriage as a national right changes the legal status of Christian colleges is no longer just theoretical.Or the decision may not create much of a legal challenge at all. For the majority of colleges that do not bar same-sex relationships, the decision won't change very much, or may simplify things. Bush was heavily criticized for appearing at Bob Jones University, a non-accredited college known for being racist and anti-Catholic.He made no attempt to distance himself from any of the philosophies of the university, perhaps leading some people to think he supported the college’s beliefs.