Interracial dating site washington dc

particularly in restaurants, in Ohio, we’d often get stares and sometimes comments from entire tables but here no one seemed to give a crap. a couple of years ago I was at a restaurant in NJ where my girl friend and I actually had trouble getting a table – they actually tried to refuse us.

Another 30 something black guy yelled at a AM/WF couple as well (seriously).I'm a black guy who has pretty much dated mostly white women and no one seems to bat an eyelash.My friends who are a part of WM/BW relationships have no problems here.The question: “How common is interracial dating in Washington, DC? Nobody ever expressed at any point that they considered our relationship wrong. I had a few people express surprise that I would date a black woman - not “How dare you! However, we never had anyone give us issue while we were out.