Male doctor dating female patient

Interested in finding new ways to improve patient outcomes after hospital admissions, researchers from Harvard’s T. Chan School of Public Health embarked on a study that analyzed data from more than one million patients over the age of 65 who were hospitalized for common conditions, including pneumonia, stroke or heart attack.“The motivation for this was really straightforward,” said Dr.

Ashish Jha, professor of health policy and director of the Harvard Global Health Institute.“There have been a dozen or so studies looking at practice differences between male and female physicians.

We wanted to see if it really mattered for patients or not,” Jha told CBS News.

The patients in the study were all Medicare beneficiaries who were hospitalized and treated by general internists between 20.

"If I was working a 36-hour shift, he'd come by and kiss me on the forehead and tuck me into bed."Parrott recognized that someone so flexible is a keeper, so she married him.

No wonder that the study suggests surgeon-surgeon marriages are on the rise.But Parrott, a Kansas City family medicine practitioner, had just finished medical school and was in the midst of a grueling internship.She had only one free evening per week to share with her boyfriend."So what we arranged was that I would see him on my one day off a week, and anything beyond that, he would have to come to me," says Parrott. Scientists are beginning to delve into the question, with some intriguing results.A new study of hospital patients found that those treated by women physicians were less likely to die or end up back in the hospital than those who received medical care from male doctors.