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Almost every single one has made me feel 'less-than' because I admit that I'm attracted to men sometimes.

Sucks.' 'But there's a big difference between bi-curiosity - wondering what it's like to have sex with the same sex and trying it once or twice - and bisexuality - which is being consistently sexually and romantically drawn to both sexes.' Tracy added: 'It can feel alienating.

For the record, he knows I’m bi but we are not in an open relationship.I ended up speaking in so many circles that it took another conversation about two months later for him to realize that I was actually trying to come out to him. Given my current marital status, it’s clear that I decided that I wanted to be with him.Now, almost a year into our marriage, I still don’t know how my identity fits into our life.So, Single John, I'm asking you: Is my sexuality going to be an issue for a lot of men?I've dated a couple different women who have, at times, preferred other women and I've felt no different about it. They're with me because they like me, and vice-versa, why would I care what, or who, they had done in the past.

Male mbisexual chatting sites for free