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A teenage motorsport driver who lost both his legs in a horrific high-speed smash has made another public appearance just months after the horrific accident.

Billy 'The Whiz' Monger was pictured chatting with racing champ Lewis Hamilton MBE, at the Formula 1 World Championship Practice Day at Silverstone, Northamptonshire.

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

Lincoln led the United States through its greatest constitutional, military, and moral crises—the American Civil War—preserving the Union, abolishing slavery, strengthening the national government and modernizing the economy.

The incident shook the motorsport community and led to a fundraising campaign for his rehabilitation and recovery that raised more than £800,000.

Mercedes driver Hamilton, who has 4.32 million followers on Twitter, tweeted about Monger after hearing of the driver's injuries.

) Unlike the Oscars and the Grammys, the i Heart Radio Music Awards mostly stuck to entertainment - with the exception of two not-so-thinly-veiled hits at Donald Trump from two of the music industry’s biggest stars.

You know it’s election season when Republican candidates get angry phone calls from liberal musicians telling them not to use their old music (like Survivor whacking Newt Gingrich for using “Eye of the Tiger” from 1982).

He joined the Trump campaign and then the administration, but the Trump White House ousted him after saying he mischaracterized conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U. A wide range of his actions — including foreign contracts and payments, and whether he lied to officials — are under scrutiny by investigators. Heaney Jr., a retired Army colonel who has known Flynn since they were 9 years old, said Flynn has been doing well and has begun work again as a consultant after shutting down his old firm. He’s a patriot and he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he’s being treated, but he’s not letting that overwhelm him.” Middletown could even become his permanent base, Heaney said.

His administration focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid, as well as tackling racism, poverty and inequality.

Close Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519, Old Style) was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

Reared in a poor family on the western frontier, Lincoln was self-educated, and became a country lawyer, a Whig Party leader, Illinois state legislator during the 1830s, and a one-term member of the United States House of Representatives during the 1840s.

Close Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela born 18 July 1918 is a South African politician who was the President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first ever to be elected in a fully representative and multi-racial election.